Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga coordinates movement with breath, synchronising intelligently one posture to the next, seamlessly creating a pattern of flow or steps.
The variable nature of Vinyasa is to develop a balanced body, as well as prevent repetitive motion injuries, which can happen if you are only working with the same range of movement each day.

Each of my vinyasa classes focuses on gently moving from one posture to the next while giving proper alignment cues for the postures as they will be new to most beginners. A healthy combination of breath and movement makes these an incredibly enjoyable class for the body and soul. We’ll move slow making transitions from one posture to the next easy. The class sequence can change from week to week but will always integrate sun salutations, standing postures, balancing postures, core work, forward folds, backbends and twists + meditations and breath work.

BEGINNERS/GENTLE- each posture is broken down, we move extra slow, we work with lots of modifications.

IMPROVERS- we focus more on alignment to build strength and concentration, we still move slow, we still work with modifications, but add variations of certain postures, we work with a peak pose.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is class that aims to restore the body and mind. We’ll work with passive (non muscular engaging) floor based postures that are supported with props. A passive posture with props allows you to comfortably release tension from shoulders open hips or lengthen hamstrings, for example. All the while enjoying soft music, candles and time to breathe.

FLOW-CORE-RESTORE - a new class that opens with 15 mins of gentle movement, then some time to gently and intelligently strengthen the core, leading to the last portion of the class where we’ll passively hold posture with the support of props.