I started practising yoga in NYC when I was in my early twenties. Always pretty promiscuous about any particular style, but always drawn to a powerful and physically challenging practice. I loved the way a once seemingly impossible pose found it’s way into my body - and still do (spoiler alert - yoga teachers can’t do all the poses!) This practice has been my greatest and most loyal companion ever since those first classes in Brooklyn. It’s travelled around the world with me as a student and teacher.

I think I came to appreciate the practice most when it helped me get out of a pretty dark depression. I was able to rediscover yoga an at home practice, it became something to wake up for, show up for and be present for. Sometimes, actually most times, I would just go lie on my mat and stare at the ceiling wondering what the fuck I was doing with my life. Other days, it was 108 surya namaskars because the physical aspect and repetitive movement was the only thing to get me out of my head. My practice today is a bit of both - strong but accepting.

Vinyasa yoga has my heart. I teach Vinyasa based yoga classes in Scotland and Yin Yoga classes. From beginners to advanced classes, each is powerful and heartfelt, coaxing every ounce of the mind body and soul to be present and be involved in the practice. You’ll experience intelligent sequencing, creative transitions and lots of variations of traditional poses. My goal is to create a balance between mindful movement/alignment and getting carried away with the flow. My deepest hope is that I create a space for people to be challenged as well as accept whatever form of beauty shows up on the mat on any given day.